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View from work

Sometimes during my work I see the sunset from the 8th floor. This is a panorama view.

This is Amsterdam South East.



Debby van Hemert shared 18 photos with you from the Flickr app! Check it out: 

Some photos from my walks of today

There are a couple made 30 times bigger



Spike and Suzy


They are doing here what I did with Beefy last week.


Moving to Lelystad

Well the dust has cleared, I have moved to Lelystad as my photo’s have already shown.
It’s a change but it’s not bad.
Only thing is that Beefy has to stay at home alone a little longer these days.
I see new things and can make other photo’s than I used to do in Almere.
In the future we see were we will go next. For now it’s great.
I still go to comic fairs and my photo’s are being published on Flickr, Facebook, twitter and when I have to tell a story on wordpress.

As promised here are the links:

Lek and Linge car route

About twenty years ago it was a hobby of a lot of people to drive with your car a surtain car route. They were made by the ANWB. Now a day’s all routes you can get are on bicycle. The signs along the roades are still there, not all of the routes are complete anymore. Motorbikers are still using them and they have made them available on the internet. We decided to do the Lek & Linge car route. It’s placed in the province Zuid Holland region Het Groene Hart. It follows the rivers Lek & Linge. Pity for us there were works on a dike and we had to drive around it, for the rest there was only one sign missing. If you pass the mill on the photo you have to go left on the next roundabout. You’ll find signs afwards again.
It was a great ride and we took lots of photo’s.
The photo’s will be published on Flickr, wich is not working at the moment. I will post a link when I’m done.
The best photo’s will be on my website. I also will post a link or you can find one on this page.
I had a great day driving around in places I didn’t even know exisited.


I have been quiet for the past week. That’s because I have pneumoia and have to keep rest. The only thing I’m allowed to do according to the doctor is walk @ImBeefy1 and that’s it. I haven’t been interested in taking photo’s much. The photo’s from last week will be published when I feel like it. Right now I’m tired and have trouble speaking. The air that’s needed to speak is hurting me.

I think I’ll be mostly offline the coming week.
Ik wish you all well and I’ll be back.

Everytime I ride to work on my mopet, I see the windmills. Some from a far some close.I decided to take a photo from each of them.
The most I see are old and made to public momnuments but I also see modern one’s.
In the past they used wind power better than we do nowaday’s.
We need energy to produse things, I think it’s time we learn from the past and use more windpower.
I hope you enjoyed the photo’s as much as I enjoyed making them.

Two big walks

I have been a lucky dog today. First a got a big walk in our neighbourhood. To my surprise after lady boss her lunch we went into the car and got out near the Oostvaardersdijk.
I was happy and ran around like grazy. Pity there were no goose I could bark at. You can’t have it all.
By the way lady boss made some nice photo’s.
You can find them here:

I haven’t been writing for a while. At the moment I don’t have any idea what to write about.
Only that I’m looking forward to the fanclub day on April 19, 2015

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