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I have been quiet for the past week. That’s because I have pneumoia and have to keep rest. The only thing I’m allowed to do according to the doctor is walk @ImBeefy1 and that’s it. I haven’t been interested in taking photo’s much. The photo’s from last week will be published when I feel like it. Right now I’m tired and have trouble speaking. The air that’s needed to speak is hurting me.

I think I’ll be mostly offline the coming week.
Ik wish you all well and I’ll be back.


Everytime I ride to work on my mopet, I see the windmills. Some from a far some close.I decided to take a photo from each of them.
The most I see are old and made to public momnuments but I also see modern one’s.
In the past they used wind power better than we do nowaday’s.
We need energy to produse things, I think it’s time we learn from the past and use more windpower.
I hope you enjoyed the photo’s as much as I enjoyed making them.

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