About twenty years ago it was a hobby of a lot of people to drive with your car a surtain car route. They were made by the ANWB. Now a day’s all routes you can get are on bicycle. The signs along the roades are still there, not all of the routes are complete anymore. Motorbikers are still using them and they have made them available on the internet. We decided to do the Lek & Linge car route. It’s placed in the province Zuid Holland region Het Groene Hart. It follows the rivers Lek & Linge. Pity for us there were works on a dike and we had to drive around it, for the rest there was only one sign missing. If you pass the mill on the photo you have to go left on the next roundabout. You’ll find signs afwards again.
It was a great ride and we took lots of photo’s.
The photo’s will be published on Flickr, wich is not working at the moment. I will post a link when I’m done.
The best photo’s will be on my website. I also will post a link or you can find one on this page.
I had a great day driving around in places I didn’t even know exisited.