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This morning I did a walk of more than an hour with Beefy. We didn’t see any people around. The only ones we saw ware a group of bike riders. There was a lot of wind and it was cloudy looking like it was going to rain but it didn’t. The temperature was around 20 degrees Celsius. Nice and quiet. The blackberries will be ripe in a couple of weeks. Think I’m going to pick them and make blackberry jam without the seeds. Hope there will be enough left for me.


May 1, 2014

Today I had to get out of the house. Had been ill and a bad back for about a week. Needed to see something else.I do have a year ticket for the Orchideeënhoeve at Luttelgeest. I decided to do another visit. Although Beefy is allowed to go with me I didn’t take him this time. I’ts holiday season and it would be busy.
When I arrived it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, it was nice and cosy and not too busy.
I did a nice walk and was able to take some nice photo’s and most important I forgot the world for a while.

Easter weekend 2014

What am I going to do this long weekend”After waking up, breakfast medication and walk with Beefy.
Little computer time.
Back to bed.
Lunch, walk with Beefy
Back to bed.
Dinner, walk with Beefy, medication.
Back to bed.
Late night snack, walk with Beefy
Back to bed.
The above because I have an overloaded inter vertebral and a bad cold.
Bed rest was prescribed by the doctor and the physiotherapist yesterday.
Walks with Beefy are good for my back.
Hope you all have a better Easter weekend.

Yesterday I had a great day visited a comic-fair in Maasmechelen and walked through Maastricht. (The photo’s are already published.) Today however was a day of work at home. Walks with Beefy between rain-showers. I got lucky today stayed dry.
Fill my mopet with fuel because I have to work tomorrow. Filled the dishwasher and did the laundry including the bath math which was very dirty. Then I took a couple of hours to clean the bath room. Whit all that finished I had dinner and dreamed about yesterday, when I was walking around watching nice things and nice places. You see one off day from works isn’t like the other some of them are great others are just hard work.
Due to the weather I did only take 2 photo’s today both flowers and during my walk with Beefy.

Work on a photo or not.

For once I placed a photo on my website I had worked on with light room. I posted the original and the finished photo here. Decide for you’re self what you like best. I thought it was best to remove the dark grey.Debby

Yesterday I was in Gorinchem the Netherlands. I had a great visit to the comic-fair there. Bought some little things from Spike & Suzy and Asterix. Now my Asterix is compleet unless the bring out a new album but that goes for Spike & Suzy as well.It was great weather so we went into the town after the comic-fair. I spotted my first ladybird of this year there. Hidden between some red flower leaves. It became my favorite photo of the day. The photo’s shown what was there to see.


Yesterday I came past this piece of work from road workers. They are working on the highways A1 an A6 in the Netherlands. Somehow I saw a face in it.
I made a red line were I saw the face.
Funny how you see things what is not made to look that way.

Rain and Sun

Rain is seen as bad and sun for a happy day. Today I saw both but wasn’t bothered by the rain.Happy is also seeing flowers bloom. We don’t see that much in winter but I found one again.
So the Rain was not bad, the sun is back, we’re happy again. Flowers blooming even greater happiness.
If the other things in life doesn’t give you something to think about it might just work that way.
But comes rain or shine, make the best out of you’re day.

The weather was great this morning, we did a big walk through Almere-Buiten. I made a couple of great pictures even thought we have no snow. Some people say it’s boring but I still see the colors in it. Gold in reed in the sun. Green the grass and even the brownish black from the trees have different shades.That done I had lunch and went with Beefy to the Orchideeënhoeve at Luttelgeest. They have lots or Orchids there and Butterfly garden and Lorries. I didn’t visit the birds today because Beefy was with me and he’s not allowed in there (good Idea, by the way) We spend a couple of nice hours there. Made some photo’s with Beefy in them. Not all of them are good because he doesn’t like to pose. But one of them is very good.
Great day, hope to have more.
Beefy & DebbyEmoji

Putte and Comicfair Board

The only photo from Putte Belgium I think is good. A photo of the comic-fair board I made for all the flyers I got.
This way I can keep them in order and plan for the next fair.
Debby Emoji

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